To qualify for wholesale prices, you need to meet the following criteria:
You must have a physical shop or established way of selling online or face to face.
If you have an existing industry based business open for a minimum of 6 months
your first minimum order must be R 3000 worth of products with at least 2 of each
product and then a minimum of R 1000 per order excluding delivery thereafter….or
If you are starting a company your first order can be no less than R 3000 with a minimum
quantity of 3 of each product you decide to stock unless they are customised products.
Thereafter future orders placed must be a minimum total of R 1000 excluding delivery per order.
Minimum quantities will not apply from your second order on wards.
Orders under R 1000 will not receive wholesale discount.
You will receive a 20% discounted price on all products except for products that are on special.
Glitter you will receive a 30 % discount.  You are not allowed to sell any Glitter Addicts products
below the set retail price, you can sell for a higher price but not lower price
You are not allowed to re-brand our products if you are selling them in their original jars.
If you are purchasing our glitter in bulk bags and packaging it yourself  you may sell it under
your own brand.
Bulk Glitter in Bags:  A minimum quantity of 30g per glitter @ R4 per gram must be purchased
and a minimum order total of R 1000 per order.
You are free to sell to whomever you wish to, there are no restrictions on designated areas,
I believe who ever works the hardest to sell products should be entitled to the sale not just
given sales because you are in a certain area.
You are free to advertise Glitter Addicts products in your own creative way as a stockist of ours.
We are happy to deliver the orders you receive directly to your clients on your behalf without
invoices and the waybills will say they are delivered from your company, without any contact
details of Glitter Addicts. This will save on delivery costs.
You are free to use any product photographs or advertising material from Glitter Addicts
to help you sell our products.  Glitter Addicts will not be responsible for any dealings
between you and your client, we communicate with you ONLY.
You need to manage your stock levels regularly to avoid putting us under unnecessary
pressure when packing your orders.
Large orders take time to manufacture and package, please be patient on receiving your
orders, we do work as fast as possible to get your orders delivered, It depends on how
busy we are, your order is placed in a queuing system.   Certain products take more time
than others as we manufacture in our factory.
Professional Nail and Beauty branch owners are restricted from purchasing glitter from
us as we are contracted to your head office but other products are allowed to be bought.
Professional Nail and Beauty branch owners can purchase our glitter through your head
office channel.
To register,
Please send an e-mail to candiceroyce@glitternailart.co.za with the following information.
Company Name (you do not have to be registered with SARS)
Your Full Name and Surname
Cell phone number
ID Number
Physical Address of your shop/where you work from
How long you have been in the industry business?
Your Social media selling platform link
Your website (if you have one)
Are you selling Online?
Do you have a physical shop?
Do you have a Facebook page?
What other products/brands are you selling?
Do you want to repackage my Glitter?
Do you agree to all the information, terms and conditions I  have put in place to become a stockist?
We will reply to you within 48hours and if you meet our criteria, you can place your orders online,
we will then send you your discounted final invoice.
Once payment has been made we will the pack your order and send it out for delivery with the courier.
Please allow between 2-5 working days to prepare your order.