Magical Colour Changing Ink


10g Mood Colour Changing thermal liquid, changes to 12 different colours and is effected by temperature, this product air dries and must be applied over a black surface.

Liquid Crystal

Thermochromic ink

Mood ring ink



Shake bottle before use.

Magical Colour Changing Ink is a water based liquid that must be applied over a black background for best results.

Do not mix the Liquid Crystal with other mediums, as this may damage the colour changing properties!

The liquid works best on a black matt surface

Pure Form is a thicker version that works best being painted on by brush.

Due to the nature of the ink, it will leave textured brush strokes.

Apply desired amount of coats over a black surface, letting each coat dry completely before adding the next

The ink does work well on other colours such as blue and red. Please avoid coating light colours.

Being a water based spray able ink that can be used through any standard spray equipment or airbrush to give the perfect finish. You can add distilled water to thin the product

The Spray able Concentrate is a thinner version that can be sprayed through an airbrush or Prevail Spray System for a smoother, more even finish. Do not spray too closely, as the water-based ink will form droplets and not dry correctly.

Watch the Ink change through a spectrum of colours when touched with warm hands or another heat source.

When applying full cover of the nail don’t paint the free edge otherwise top coat cannot bond to base coat.


Step 1: Apply base Coat (cure)

Step 2: Apply black gel (cure) /Black Acrylic Powder/ Black acrylic paint

Step 3: Apply Matt top coat (cure)

Step 4: Wipe with Alcohol/Sanitizer

Step 5: apply Magic Ink, wait for each thin layer to dry clear before applying the next, the more layers you apply the more effect it has

Drying time can be around 10 min or use a fan or hair dryer for quicker results

Do not paint the free edge

Step 6: Apply Rubber Base Cure

Step 7: Apply Top Coat Cure


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